Mail orders

Why do you ship orchids only from Monday to Wednesday?
The reason is to avoid the parcels of the delay of being in one of the post offices over the weekend.

Do you ship orchids in winter?
Yes, we usually use bubble polythene for isolation and a heat pack
(works up to 72 hours) when the temperature is low. Thus, packages can be shipped to about - 1 ° C outside temperature without any problem.

What can I do if a plant got broken during the shipping?
Please send us an e-Mail with a picture of the broken plant. We will ship a new plant or give you a voucher.

Do I need a Phytosanitary paper or CITES?
All member states of the EU don’t need a Phytosanitary paper or CITES. Other European countries as Switzerland, Norway or Canary Islands need a Phyto.
Switzerland and Norway need also a CITES-paper for orchids which are listed in CITES appendix I. Following orchids are in the listed in Appendix I: Aerangis ellisii, Dendrobium cruentum, Laelia jongheana, Laelia lobata, Paphiopedilum spp., Peristeria elata, Phragmipedium spp., Renanthera imschootiana (December 2017)

My country is not in your shipping list. Can I make an order anyway?
Please send us an e-Mail
We will check what we can do.

If I order plants in flower/bud, do they arrive in good conditions?
Usually, they arrive safe. We put lots of effort to pack the plants especially the flowers and buds safe. We use bamboo stick to fix the flower spike and lots of pulp and soft (reusable) packing materials.
However, in rare cases, flowers can break. Unfortunately we don’t have influence over transportation. So we cannot guarantee that all flowers and buds will always arrive without any damage.

May I visit the orchid nursery?
You are always welcome! Please notify us in advance by e-Mail!
In High season we sometimes have two orchids shows or other events on one weekend. So it is possible that our greenhouses are closed from Thursday to Sunday. You can find our opening hours here

Do you have other orchid varieties in your greenhouses as on the online-shop?
Yes, we have even more orchid species in the greenhouses as on the online shop. Orchids in low quantities do not usually come on the list.
You can send me your wish list. We will check what we have.

Can I make a pre-order for an orchid show to pick them up?
Yes, we will be happy to bring you plants to a specific orchid show. You can make an order through our online-shop. During the proceeding you will be asked if you would like to pick the order on an orchid show. You can pay directly or at the show without shipping costs.
Here you will find a list of orchid shows were we go: http://orchideen.shop/Ausstellungen

We don’t sell any fresh imported plants. We will cultivate them about 6-12 months in our greenhouses until they are established and have fresh roots and new leaves. Rare imported plants have sometimes small damages on their leaves because in some countries in Asia don’t have modern greenhouses.
However, only ca. 10% of our plants are imported.